Your coach is the most valuable part of this challenge. Apps, monitors, meal plans and exercise targets are all important pieces of the puzzle. Yet your coach will be the central figure in guiding you down the path to success. Here are the ways you can expect to be coached and to utilize your coach to the fullest.


  • Live group workouts

  • Heart rate based

  • Fun and designed for all fitness levels.


  • Save time while tracking your progress.

  • Heart rate wearable and integrated fitness app.

  • Smart body fat scale to track your fat loss progress.

  • Coaching feedback and fun social features.

Your Personal Coach

  • Your coach will be with you every step of the way.

  • We’ll understand your goals and make sure you have the program and strategies that are right for YOU!

  • With our App, we’ll monitor your progress and give you real feedback and motivation.

Simple Nutrition

  • Anti-diet. Consistently good vs occasionally perfect.

  • Sensible nutrition strategy – does not overly restrict you or force you to give up the foods you love.

  • Portion Guide, huger guide, shopping lists, eating out guides, amazing recipes, much more

Planned Exercise

  • We’ll take the guesswork out of exercise.

  • Personalized heart rate plan that’s customized to your fitness level and goals.

  • Get the most out of every workout and learn the 10X calorie burn science.

  • Welcome to the best hour of your day.

Clear Mind

  • Science based mindfulness based stress management

  • Education and guided sessions

  • Better sleep, more motivation and happiness

The expectations of you for this BETTER YOU CHALLENGE are pretty straight forward. Here is an overview of what you can expect and what your coach is expecting of you for the next 6 weeks:


  • Clean Eating Plan: 80% of the time limit food choices to the Clean Eating List. Use the recipes provided if needing ideas on what to prepare using the clean eating foods.

  • Track 3+ meals a day with the CorSync app

  • Target 80% of your food choices as those you can give a thumbs up (good choice)

  • Build weekly food skills by reading and using the weekly nutrition resources


  • Accumulate 150+ minutes a week in your personal zone (Personal situations in which a different target is needed should be discussed with the coach in the first appointment)

  • Use heart rate monitor and CorSync app to validate your exercise

  • Choose any activities you like to do. Do them in a way that gets you in your zone

  • Build exercise skills by viewing and using the weekly exercise resources

Measure Progress

  • Weigh in 3 times per week to track weight and body fat

  • Take your circumference measurements in week 1 and again in week 6

  • Take progress photos in week 1 and again in week 6 (only you and the coach can see them, no one else)


  • Receive and respond to weekly messages from your coach

  • Schedule up to 2 live 15-minute appointments via virtual meeting room

        • Initial coaching session in early weeks (1-3)

        • Follow Up check in session in later weeks (4-6)